Greater Than A Tourist Series: 

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Small Town Romance Novellas - Seasonal Singles

by Michelle Cornish

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Adventure / Fantasy


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In these two exciting mysteries: FBI Agent Reggie Casse and US Marshall Shea Montgomery solve mysteries in rural Kentucky racehorse country as their devotion and love grows.

Space Frontiers 4

Arevolt on Calamaar; the long-awaited Weevil invasion, and a dangerous new weapon set the stage for an explosive ending to the Space Frontiers series. Will and Shanna risk all to save their people and end the Weevil threat that has plagued them for years. What price will they pay to bring peace to their kingdom and return to normal life as parents? This could be their last ride in a shocking end that sci-fi fans will never forget.

The Watchers

16-year-old Alesea thinks her sole extraordinary trait is her musical talent. That changes when foreign Watchers invade her tiny island on the night of her professional debut. She alone escapes, unwittingly using the powers of a Knower.Alesea must now save her people, but first she must come to grips with her dangerous new identity and her pacifist beliefs... and she has only a traitor to help her.

In the middle of the twenty-first century, the War on Terror has been going on for decades. Major corporations control both the government and the economy, and the resulting relaxation of environmental laws has caused pollution to go unchecked. The Department of Homeland Security controls the media, written history, education, and individual freedoms.

Thirty-year-old Janet Ryan works as a reporter for the Minneapolis Herald, where she writes stories prepared for her by Homeland Security. Janet runs into a childhood friend who introduces her to a group of people skeptical about the government's restrictions and the loss of freedom. Janet has the chance to travel to northern Wisconsin to meet with an elderly woman who sought asylum on an Ojibwe reservation. There she encounters people who live happily without technology or competition. But what will happen when her visits-which are illegal-are discovered?Set in a future where a powerful corporate government strictly controls personal freedoms, this novel follows one woman as she learns of a different way to live.

Taming Crow:  Hells Saints MC, Book 3

The moment that Melissa Raymoor saw the small, run-down cottage sitting at the edge of the woods looking so neglected and forlorn, she was all in. Melissa knew that the little house needed a family as much as her little family needed it. The young widow longed for the tranquility that she was sure renting the home would provide for herself and her small son. What Melissa did not expect was to have their fragile peace interrupted by the fast-living, foulmouthed, larger-than-life landlord who moved in next door.

Crow Mathison knew that he frightened his tenant and not just a little. He had seen the look of terror written all over her face the moment she saw him. But he couldn’t deny it, thinking of Melissa gave him an adrenaline rush. Prissy, mousy, holier than thou, soccer mom Melissa. She was skinny, uptight, and totally immune to the outlaw biker thing he had going on. She avoided him, ignored him, and called him out on his bullshit every step of the way. And he couldn’t get enough of her.

In the small town of Havengate, passions will ignite, secrets will be revealed and the past will come back to threaten the fragile happiness and trust that Melissa and Crow begin to build with one another. This is the third installment of the Hells Saints MC series. It can be listened to as a stand-alone.

Mysteries with a bit of romance by award winning author:
Lynda Rees

Stand alone mysteries:

Sci-Fi Adventure

by Michael D'Ambrosio

Dark Horizon is the third book in the Fractured Time Trilogy. Billy Brock and his friends reunite for a journey into space when the leader of a hostile alien race comes to Earth seeking revenge for the death of Diomedes, his mate, and her offspring. The danger never stops as Billy and his group face death with terrifying consequences.

Young Adult - Fantasy Adventure


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Cynthia Webber Crime Thrillers by Michelle Cornish:

Forensic accountant Cynthia Webber just wants to provide a good life for her son . . . but her job proves to be more dangerous than she ever could have imagined.

It will be the adventure of a lifetime for Carrie Brinkley... if she makes it to the end alive.

When Carrie loses her job and boyfriend during the opening weeks of the pandemic, she’s determined to reset her life in a positive direction. The answer? A solo, two-month, cross-country bicycle trip from Virginia Beach to Mendocino, California.

Yet dangers lurk that she’d never anticipated. During Carrie’s idyllic journey across the continent, her greatest danger comes not from her encounters with angry animals, road hazards, or the elements. Something much worse stalks her—something much too human.

Fallen Poppies is a mesmerizing story of love, loss, and redemption that will captivate fans of V.C. Andrews, enticing readers with its dark suspense, tragic family drama, and the irresistible allure of nature. Embark on Jobeth’s perilous quest as she unravels the secrets that threaten her very existence in a journey that will keep you eagerly listening until the climactic end.

The Devil's Playground: The war with the Weevil takes on epic proportions as Will and his crew attempt to stave off a major alien offensive when three new and formidable opponents surface abroad and at home. Will’s diplomatic skills fail him and drive him to be the aggressor. Re-united with Shanna and their daughter, Will has more to fight for than ever. The delicate balance between tactical king and daring warrior has been tilted, and Will must decide who can be saved versus who must be sacrificed before all is lost..