Greater Than A Tourist Series: 

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Small Town Romance Novellas - Seasonal Singles

by Michelle Cornish

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Mystery and Adventure


Other Non-Fiction

Two exciting mysteries: FBI Agent Reggie Casse and US Marshall Shea Montgomery solve mysteries in rural Kentucky racehorse country as their devotion and love grows.

Space Frontiers 4

Arevolt on Calamaar; the long-awaited Weevil invasion, and a dangerous new weapon set the stage for an explosive ending to the Space Frontiers series. Will and Shanna risk all to save their people and end the Weevil threat that has plagued them for years. What price will they pay to bring peace to their kingdom and return to normal life as parents? This could be their last ride in a shocking end that sci-fi fans will never forget.

16-year-old Alesea thinks her sole extraordinary trait is her musical talent. That changes when foreign Watchers invade her tiny island on the night of her professional debut. She alone escapes, unwittingly using the powers of a Knower.
Alesea must now save her people, but first she must come to grips with her dangerous new identity and her pacifist beliefs... and she has only a traitor to help her.