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"Not only is Sally a talented narrator, but she is such a joy to work with. She has produced both adult and children's books for me. Wonderful range and sense of story! I highly recommend her!"  

Author Michelle Cornish

Sally is a joy to work with. She's an excellent voice actress and audiobook producer, on time, efficient, and
has great communication skills. Sally has a way of delineating characters that make her audiobook
voiceovers easy to listen to while clearly knowing which character you're hearing each time. She's amazng!I found no errors at all needing corrected in the audio clips. 

Author Lynda Rees

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Welcome to Sally Barron Voice Overs

My warm, rich yet versatile voice will enhance your story. 

I have narrated a variety of audiobooks from non-fiction travel guides and advice to romance and children's fiction. 

With a background in education and corporate training, I have also been the voice of multiple eLearning courses.

I look forward to being the voice of your hard work.

Two exciting mysteries:  FBI Agent Reggie Casse and US Marshall Shea Montgomery solve mysteries in rural Kentucky racehorse country as their devotion and love grows.

A gender-swapped Robin Hood retelling with a modern-day, romcom twist: